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Updated: Jun 30

I am truly humbled by Sophie Etheridge, and will never ever complain again about the aches and pains in my joints. Sophie is an adaptive athlete, who developed complex regional pain syndrome after a car knocked her off her bike as she was travelling to triathlon training. Sophie is tough, determined, an achiever, who won back her swimming identity stroke by stroke, swimming through the pain.

Swimming was a huge part of Sophie’s life before the accident, describing herself as a really outgoing musician and triathlete who cycled everywhere and was constantly busy. Now a wheelchair user, she has had to reconfigure her life, bringing swimming back into it. In 2021 she swam Lake Windermere, both ways. She set up the Adaptive/Disabled Open Water Swimmers (ADOWS) group on facebook and was astonished by the demand for open water swimming community among those with disabilities. She has only recently started writing about this life-changing accident and how it felt, and about the huge importance of swimming in her life now. I am honoured that she has been open to sharing her truly inspiring experience on Swimmingpod.

Listen to the podcast here

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