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Swimmingpod is a podcast series from Stanley Ulijaszek, life-long swimmer. I speak with outdoor swimmers of many persuasions, about their swim-projects, how they got into swimming and what the get out of it. Across all seasons and all outdoor swimming pleasures.

The music is Noe Noe by Castro, and Vienna Beat by Radio Pink, both on Blue Dot Sessions.  


The Second Great Stink? UK Swimming Rivers in a Mess, by Stanley Ulijaszek 


The Thames, right now is not the universally clean and sparkling river of my dreams. This podcast is about trying to understand, as a swimmer, the problems surrounding rivers in the UK right now – the dumping of raw sewage, of pollution. How did we get into this watery mess? If it were simple, it would have been solved - so what is going on? 

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Duncan Goodhew MBE, Olympic Gold Medalist and the State of Swimming in the UK


Duncan Goodhew is a life-long swimmer and champion of swimming in more ways than one. He won Olympic Gold and Bronze in the 100 meters breaststroke and 100 meter medley relay respectively, in the Moscow 1980 Olympics. He has promoted swimming at all levels ever since. He is President of Swimathon and one of the founding trustees of what is now SportsAid, a charity which enriches the lives of talented young athletes by recognising and nurturing their abilities through and beyond sport. He has been very keen to give back. After all, swimming saved him, gave him direction, from being a wayward and headstrong teenager, to being a champion in every sense of the word, across his adult life. In this podcast we talk about those early years, about his achievements, and about the important work in promoting swimming at all levels ever since.


Charles Sprawson's 'Haunts of the Black Masseur' at 30 years - A Discussion with John Von Düffel and James Norton

This podcast, with German nationally-acclaimed playwright, essayist, dramaturge and prize-winning novelist John von Düffel and acclaimed film-maker James Norton, considers Charles Sprawson’s classic book about the history and cultures of swimming, some thirty years after it was first published. Both John and James are passionate about this book,  John having adapted it for a German-speaking audience in 2002. The discussion ranges from swimming heroes, to romanticism, and to environmental degradation, as well as James' and John's own swimming passions. The book remains as current as ever, but is about so much more than the issues we discuss. Had we recorded the podcast on another day, it might well have been different. Like open water swimming itself – each day is different.

Haunts of the Black Masseur can be found at -

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