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Ben Cousins (2021) - Excerpts from an Ocean Diary -Simon's Town, South Africa


Ben Cousins tries to swim every day, snorkel and free-dive in the magnificent kelp forests near his home. For the past year he has kept a diary that details every swim, and tries to capture something of the intensity of his experiences. It chronicles his progress in seeking to understand this entrancing and mysterious underwater world. These excerpts from his diary represent some aspects of swimming and free-diving each month of the year. 

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Caitlin Kraemer (2021) - Swimming in the City: Urban-River-Swimming as Spatial Appropriation in the Spree Canal in Central Berlin. Graduate Journal for the Study of Culture // No. 3.


This research article explores how architecture and urban design along the Spree Canal in central Berlin, through the urban river swimming with the Flussbad Berlin Project, can help reclaim urban nature and public liquid space.

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Alex Foster (2020) -Facilitating cold-water immersion for metabolic health: Situating habitus, enskilment, and communities of practice in the context of a London Swimming Club. MPhil Thesis in Medical Anthropology, University of Oxford.

This MPhil thesis is an analysis of winter swimming and cold-water immersion at the Serpentine Swimming Club, where these practices have a deep history and strong tradition.