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There are some truly remarkable swimmer-photographer-artists I am privileged to know, who quietly, without drawing attention to themselves see something in or of the water while swimming or thereabouts, and fix their vision on film or pixels. This section honours some of them, while also showcasing some eminent artists who envision the water in some very special way.

Anette Frisch, 

Bahnen Ziehen, Dusseldorf

swimpic anette frisch 2.png
anette frisch 11.png
swimpic anette frisch 1.png
swimpic anette frisch 4.png

Mike and Caroline Harris, 

Serpentine Swimming Club

swimpic serps swan swam 2019 MH.png
swimpic serpentine swan lake MH.jpg
swimpic lake dec 2018 mh.jpeg

Karen Arthur, Penzance Battery Belle

swimpics karen arthur 11.jpg
swimpics karen arthur 13.jpg
swimpics karen arthur 12.jpg
swimpic karen arthur 22.jpg

Helen Edwards, Oxford Dodo

swimpics helen edwards 6.jpg
swimpics helen edwards 4.jpg
swimpics helen edwards 3.jpg
swimpics helen edwards 7.jpg
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