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Updated: Jun 30

Ramin Cyrus has swum a channel relay, the Thames Marathon at Henley and other big swims, all great achievements. Powerful achievements, given that he is visually impaired. While for most open water swimmers, sighting is a matter of looking up, to work out where they are and to set their course, Ramin Cyrus sights without sight, with the help of great friends in the water, Paul Daniels and Anthony Wood, he is having the swimming time of his life. In this podcast, recorded at the Lido café in London’s Hyde Park, we discuss his swimming achievements, and what it is like to be a swimmer with visual impairment. We discuss what needs to be in place to undertake such big swims with no sight, how he navigates the water, and how he recruits all his senses to undertake the most sensorial of sports.

Listen to the podcast here

Images courtesy of Paul Daniels

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