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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Plastics in the ocean again - 'there is no elsewhere’ when it comes to garbage. The Garbage Patch State is multicentred, with a total territory (aquatory?) of around sixteen million square kilometers, located in the Pacific Ocean (two areas totalling around nine million square kilometres), in the Atlantic Ocean (two areas totalling around five million square kilometres) and in the Indian Ocean (an area of around two million square kilometres). I was not able to work out how big that really was if it happened to be land mass and not ocean mass, so I looked it up. In total it is the landmass of Russia. Or to regionalize it, the Pacific Garbage Patch is about the size of China or United States individually, the South Atlantic Garbage Patch is 70% the size of Mexico, and the Indian Ocean Garbage Patch is 70% the size of India. As an act of artivism, The Garbage Patch State has an embassy, and is formally recognised by UNESCO.

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