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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Just for a change, a week in Bologna, a warm week and a 39 degree day - only water can help. Piscina Sterlino is where we have come now over a 19 period. When the children were small, it was almost every day. We stay in the apartment of Claudio Franceschi and Vita Fortunati, both of the University of Bologna, Claudio became a work collaborator quite by accident. We did a house exchange in that first Summer, and Claudio needed to work. Our house was full - with Claudio, Vita, Zelda their daughter, Marco her husband, their new baby, and Remi, their home-help. I offered Cladio my office, my parking space at the University of Oxford. He was touched; he scanned my book shelf in the Department, and said "we have much in common".

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