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A rising tide lifts all boats (and swimmers). Level water means equal rights. In the case of Ian Thwaites and the charity Level Water, this is right to water, which swimming is a gateway to. He set up this charity with the mission of giving children with disabilities the opportunity to learn to swim, and by extension, empowers them to take part in a range of water-based activities that swimming opens the gate to. From physical development to social and emotional confidence, swimming is a vehicle to change the lives of children supported by Level Water for the better. Ian is the CEO and very much driving force of this very important mission. In this podcast, we discuss what Level Water is about and why its mission of enablement and empowerment is so important. Level Water has lots of events, which through swimming, raise funds, build community and build relationships. This powerful synergy raises the tide for everyone - the children, the institutions associated with swimming and disabilities, and the swimmers themselves. Ian’s very articulate vision is compelling.

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