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Sometimes when there is no common or local knowledge about where to swim in a place I haven't been, I use Google Earth to scope possible swims. Usually this is when going on travels, either for pleasure or with work (when I see if I can plan in a swim at the beginning or end of the day). I worked in Papua New Guinea in my 20s and 30s, altogether for three and a half years. There was good swimming in Kerema, and on the North Coast, at Madang, with the caveat that there were living things in the water than might hurt, maim or kill. Just recently I was asked to speak on aspects of my work in Papua New Guinea, and I went to Google Earth to find some physical maps of the place I could use in my slideshow. With swimming at the front of my mind, I found islands, big and small, swimming in the Pacific Ocean, the kind of view you hope you might get at 30,000 meters on a plane from Rarotonga to Auckland (in reality the view you might get on the way to the moon)

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