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Updated: Oct 4, 2023

If you haven’t already swum outdoors in full moonlight, you must. It is one of life’s priceless un-buyable treasures. There are twelve full moon opportunities a year, and although the clouds or the rain can sometime put a spoiler on things, you can come away having experienced at the very least a change in routine, and more often than not, a sense of wonder. All it takes is a full moon and some open water to swim in. And some friends to share it with. I experienced a very strange full moon outing during the summer, and I want to share that with you. But I also want to share my first ever full moon swim, and also an amazing solo moon swim at the Lido in Venice, almost swimming in the pink and purple light of the ocean there. The Swimmingpod podcast is an account of three moon swims, although I have many more. The podcast starts with my first-ever moon swim in the Thames at Dorchester, Oxfordshire, an eye-opener of an event, an initiation into the cult of moon-swimming. This is followed by my recent strange dip at Port Meadow in Oxford, where I didn’t swim so much as stand on one leg in the Thames at Port Meadow with a glow-stick in my hand. And finally my swim up the moon ladder at the Lido in Venice (which is really a beach). If you don’t know what a moon ladder is now, you will by the end of the podcast. And if you haven’t gone moon-swimming yet, I hope you can give it a try.

Listen to the podcast here

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