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I dropped Pauline at Heathrow this morning, after a dip in Port Meadow (to put her mind in a good place), and after saying goodbye, I took the long(ish) drive to the Suffolk coast. We had discussing going one Summer, then another, then another, and it never really happened. When we were in Cambridge, the kids small, we used to come to Walberswick as the closest nice beach. It’s very much of the past, the church of flint typical of this region, parts falling in beautiful ruin, romantic. This was a nostalgia day-trip for me, if we were never going to get there as part of a Summer break. The Suffolk water and sky is very special, like the Venice sky is Venice-special, Walberswick never made it to the world stage, but it did attract painters. There was an artist’s colony from the late eighteen hundreds and into the twentieth century, notable members of which were Phillip Wilson Steer and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. As I was leaving, the very special Suffolk sky started to put on a show.

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